Mac (Media Access Control Address) is an Ethernet-based network. As a top player in the computer MAC field at least not. But that does not rule out the possibility of the risk of data loss, whether deliberately deleted, corrupted data, and so on.

What if the recovery on the partition is broken?

The Best Solution is Login Internet Recovery. Modem Internet Recovery Mode is found on Macs that have new technology, which can be recovered from a central Apple server.

By using Internet Recovery, reinstalling the OS X system and troubleshoot on a corrupted or unreadable Mac startup disk. Here you will apply everything about Recovery Mode and can be used to your advantage if it has been changed or deleted.

which occurs on the hardware.

Like Standard Recovery Mode, mac computer data recovery lets you:

  1. Fix drive, scan and verify
  2. reinstall OS X, Install or disconnect OS X
  3. Check the network device on your internet connection
  4. restore Mac computer system sourced from Time Machine
  5. return utilities that can launch system performance,
  6. Restore the software to the factory settings.
  7. Even if your computer is not living properly.

The computer will automatically enter the Internet Recovery menu if the Mac startup volume and partition are physically damaged.

For other devices, you can refer to